The Real Artist: New Edition

In this personal/spiritual growth painting, we see mists of mental distortions vaporized, meanings behind relationships made clear. Faith "which overcomes the world" is made understandable. We learn that no circumstance needs interfere with obtaining and maintaining contentment-producing levels of serotonin. A seasoned therapist, specializing in art therapy, eating disorders, and addiction recovery, provides the case study, which takes a client from a suicide attempt to a happy life. She offers a wealth of cognitive-behavioral restructuring tools for liberation from perseverating our past. According to the author, love hunger, as a contingency of survival, is our main drive. With therapeutic intervention, our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings become solution-focused. Names of people and places are fictitious, but suspense, humor, and insights tell a true story starting from the 1940s, before political correctness, through the present aftermath of no moral absolutes, no impulse restrained. This book is the go-to for developing outrageously satisfying intimacy with a creative genius not of this world.

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